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IFTTT: Automate business and home


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IFTTT is a powerful automation tool designed for both business and home use, allowing users to save time and increase productivity by automating various tasks. With the ability to customize integrations using filter code, queries, multiple actions, and connecting multiple accounts per service, IFTTT offers a high level of control over automation processes.

The platform, available on iOS and Android devices, is known as the leading no-code platform on mobile, making it easy to automate tasks from anywhere at any time. With over 900 popular apps supported, IFTTT empowers users to achieve more by automating tasks such as generating compelling content, cross-posting to multiple social networks, and creating daily media reports.

IFTTT’s AI-powered tools serve as a virtual assistant, helping users increase productivity and reclaim hours in their day by automating tasks like generating blog posts, social media updates, meeting summaries, and more. The platform offers a free trial for users to explore the top AI automations guaranteed to save time and streamline daily tasks.

Join the 27 million user strong IFTTT community and integrate your favorite apps to create a more efficient and connected workflow. With endless possibilities for saving time and increasing efficiency, IFTTT is a valuable tool for business managers looking to optimize their operations and enhance productivity.

IFTTT – Features

Automation for business and home
Customize and control integrations with filter code, queries, multiple actions, and connect multiple accounts
Automate from anywhere with iOS and Android apps
Save time creating compelling content with AI Content Creator
Cross post to multiple social networks automatically
Integrate and grow with 27 million user strong IFTTT community
Empower your business with AI tools to increase productivity
Top AI automations to save time including daily media reports, blog drafts, social media posts, meeting summaries, and more

IFTTT – Pricing

Free plan: $0.00 / forever
Basic plan: $12.50/month or $149.99 billed annually
Pro plan: $2.92/month or $34.99 billed annually
Premium plan: Try it free, features various tools for smart home and productivity.

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