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FindThatEmail: Master your inbox and simplify email management


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FindThatEmail is a powerful business tool designed to help you efficiently manage your email inbox. With its easy-to-use Chrome extension, FindThatEmail allows you to navigate your inbox with ease and avoid endless scrolling. By granting access to your email and enabling its powerful features, you can enjoy the benefits of a simple AI-powered chat interface that categorizes, prioritizes, and automates tasks within your inbox.

Effortless retrieval is made possible with FindThatEmail’s AI-powered extension, allowing you to simply ask questions and instantly locate and organize receipts, itineraries, tickets, and more. Travel planning becomes seamless as you can quickly organize your travel information by asking for flight check-in instructions or other details. Additionally, accessing presentations is a breeze as FindThatEmail’s AI assistant can retrieve slides and other important documents instantly.

FindThatEmail is compatible with major email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Security is a top priority, with robust encryption protocols in place to protect your email data and personal information. Whether you choose the Free version with basic features or upgrade to the Premium version for advanced functionalities, FindThatEmail offers a solution to help business managers efficiently manage their email workflow.

FindThatEmail – Features

Inbox organization and sorting
AI-powered extension for email management
Effortless retrieval of receipts, itineraries, tickets
Seamless travel planning assistance
Instant access to presentations
Compatible with major email providers
Secure encryption protocols for data protection
Free basic version with the option to upgrade to Premium for advanced features

FindThatEmail – Pricing

FindThatEmail offers a free option to join the waitlist.

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