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LangFuse: Your all-in-one LLM engineering platform


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LangFuse is a powerful open-source business tool designed to streamline the development and improvement process of LLM (Large Language Models) applications. With a comprehensive set of features, LangFuse offers tools for tracing, prompt management, evaluation, dataset derivation, and metrics tracking, all tightly integrated into the LangFuse Tracing platform.

Business managers can utilize LangFuse to debug and enhance their LLM applications through detailed production traces, collaborative prompt versioning and deployment, and real-time testing of prompts and models within the LangFuse UI. The platform also allows for user feedback collection, manual and model-based evaluations, and the derivation of datasets from production data for fine-tuning models and testing applications.

LangFuse works seamlessly with any LLM app and model, providing SDKs for Python and JS/TS, as well as native integrations for popular libraries. Moreover, the tool is committed to open source, allowing users to run it locally or self-hosted. With a continuous focus on innovation and improvement, LangFuse regularly updates its platform with new features and integrations, such as model-based evaluations, Docker images on Docker Hub, ChatML integration in prompt management, and support for LangChain interfaces.

For business managers looking to optimize their LLM applications and streamline their development workflow, LangFuse offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that can enhance productivity and efficiency in the evaluation and improvement of language models.

LangFuse – Features

Open Source
LLM Engineering Platform
Tracing for debugging and improving LLM applications
Tools for full development workflow
Prompt Management for collaborative versioning and deployment
Playground for testing prompts and models in the UI
Evaluation for collecting user feedback
Metrics for tracking cost, latency, and quality

LangFuse – Pricing

LangFuse offers three pricing plans- Hobby (Free with 50k observations/month), Pro ($59/month with 100k observations/month and unlimited data access), and Team (Starting at $499 with unlimited ingestion throughput and additional security features).

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