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Frontnow: Transform your e-commerce experience with Ai


Frontnow is an enterprise-grade AI tool designed to supercharge customer experiences in e-commerce. This powerful SaaS solution is specifically tailored to revolutionize pre-sales in online businesses by maximizing conversion rates, increasing average order value, and boosting customer engagement.

With Frontnow, digital businesses can easily run any customer journey at scale, accelerating online business growth and processing large volumes of data without added IT complexity. The tool offers an Intelligent Shopping Assistant powered by AI to transform the customer journey, ensuring customers make the right buying decisions while boosting business ROI.

Frontnow Enhance, another AI-powered feature, allows businesses to enrich product data instantly, creating SEO-optimized, consistent, and accurate product descriptions along with appealing images for online shops. Frontnow translates in-store-like shopping experiences into digital excellence, making cross-selling opportunities effective and product discovery a blast.

The tool boasts impressive results, including a 74% increase in conversion rates, a 57% rise in shopping cart value, and significant reductions in time-to-market and costs. Frontnow seamlessly integrates with current shop systems, providing exceptional ease of implementation.

Through Conversational AI, businesses can empower customers to find what they’re looking for, reinventing the pre-sales customer journey. A Virtual Assistant feature helps customers by resolving queries and fulfilling their needs, ultimately boosting sales and increasing average order value.

Frontnow Advisor 3.0 offers a unique and tailored shopping experience, smart conversations through an intuitive interface, and meets customer needs effortlessly. It provides the right answers to customers, even in complex situations, ensuring a stress-free shopping experience through expert guidance.

The tool also offers automatic top choices for product selection, bookmark favorites for easy product saving, and easy comparison of product details. With easy integration with current systems, omnichannel solutions, multilingual capabilities, real-time analytics, end-to-end security, and high customization flexibility, Frontnow is the ultimate AI-powered tool to elevate product content and enhance customer experiences in online businesses.

Frontnow – Features

Enterprise-grade AI supercharging customer experience
Run any customer journey easily and at scale
Transform customer journey with AI-powered intelligent shopping assistant
Enhance product data with AI-powered platform for SEO-optimized descriptions
Seamless integration with current software systems
Empower customers with Conversational AI for a personalized experience
Real-time analytics for insights on customer behavior
High customization flexibility for tailored solutions

Frontnow – Pricing

Available upon request, free demo.

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