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GoSearch: Knowledge management with AI-powered search


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GoSearch is an innovative enterprise search tool that revolutionizes team knowledge management with the power of AI-generated answers and information discovery. In today’s modern workplace, productivity suffers when information is scattered across the 40-60 apps typically found in each team’s tech stack, totaling an average of 254 company-wide. According to statistics from Productiv, employees waste valuable time toggling between apps an average of 1,200 times per day, leading to a 24% drop in company productivity due to disconnected processes (Forrester).

With GoSearch, businesses can now easily find knowledge, no matter the source, through a unified search across all internal information in seconds. By leveraging multimodal generative AI technology, GoSearch surfaces design resources, finds knowledge within connected apps, and speeds up workflows by eliminating the need for manual searching across multiple apps. The platform offers a range of features such as AI-powered recommendations, enterprise ChatGPT Assistant, and the ability to create custom enterprise GPTs tailored to specific data and workflow needs.

GoSearch integrates with over 100 apps and data connectors, including popular platforms like Google Docs, Jira, Slack, Salesforce, and more, to provide intelligent enterprise search results. Additionally, the tool centralizes company announcements, enables employees to ask questions and get answers, and ensures total privacy and security through bring your own API key and cloud options.

Trusted by over 5,000 enterprises and startups, GoSearch is part of the comprehensive suite of business tools offered by GoLinks, which also includes GoLinks for memorable short links and GoProfiles for people knowledge. With GoSearch, businesses can access instant answers, purpose-built solutions, and information at their fingertips, all powered by AI technology for seamless and efficient knowledge management.

GoSearch – Features

Unified search across all internal information
AI-generated answers and information discovery
Multimodal AI-powered recommendations
Enterprise ChatGPT Assistant for personalized suggestions
Search using images and URLs for relevant resources
Build custom enterprise GPTs for accelerated workflows
Integrate 100+ apps and data connectors for intelligent search results
Centralize company announcements and facilitate centralized discussions.

GoSearch – Pricing

‘GoSearch’ offers an Enterprise pricing plan with custom pricing. It includes AI-powered search results, unlimited data connectors, generative AI chat, insights, custom branding, priority integration requests, security features, company onboarding program, Customer Success Manager, high priority support, and custom billing terms. Contact for details.

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