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MagicalAi: Automate your work and focus on what matters


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MagicalAi is a powerful AI productivity tool designed to help business managers automate repetitive tasks and focus on work that truly matters. Say goodbye to tedious tasks such as data entry, note-taking, and admin work with Magical’s innovative automation features.

With MagicalAi, users can personalize messages across various platforms, write with AI assistance to overcome writer’s block, and automate data entry and research tasks. Stand out with personalized messages on any site using text expansion templates, while also receiving suggestions for messages and replies based on context to enhance productivity.

Whether you’re working in sales, support, healthcare, recruiting, operations, education, or any other field, MagicalAi can help enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. With easy integration into popular platforms like Gmail, LinkedIn, and Shopify, MagicalAi allows users to draft messages and replies with just one click, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Additionally, MagicalAi offers a team feature to help coworkers share productivity tips and save time collectively. By securely sharing productivity tricks, teams can save up to 7 hours each week.

Get started with MagicalAi in just 30 seconds, and start saving time immediately. No APIs or magic wands required. With MagicalAi, businesses can embrace the power of AI productivity to get tasks done faster, more accurately, and with a personal touch, on any site or platform. Upgrade your workflow with MagicalAi today and watch your productivity soar.

MagicalAi – Features

Personalize messages on any site
Write with AI for overcoming writer’s block
Automate data entry and research on any open tab
Save time with no slow tab-toggling or repetitive copy/paste
Stay accurate with no typos or mistakes
Access automation magic on any site
Easily install in 30 seconds and save 7 hours weekly
Share productivity tricks securely with teams

MagicalAi – Pricing

MagicalAi offers a free plan with 600 monthly text expansions and 20 automations, a Core plan for $6.50/month/user with unlimited text expansions, and a custom Teams plan with additional features for enterprise needs. Contact for pricing.

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