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KulaAi: Candidate engagement and hiring


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KulaAi is a powerful business tool designed to streamline the sourcing, engagement, and hiring process for recruiters and hiring managers. With KulaAi, users can enjoy 4 times the response rates, 6 times faster hires, and 8 times more referrals. The tool features AI technology that generates personalized messages tailored to each candidate’s experience, skills, and background, allowing users to connect with candidates in a thoughtful way.

One of the key features of KulaAi is its multi-channel engagement capabilities, which automate messages across various channels such as emails and InMails. Users can set up 10-step message sequences with hyper-personalization, scheduled for different senders, channels, times, time zones, and days. This automation process saves valuable time for recruiters, allowing them to engage in more meaningful conversations with candidates.

Additionally, KulaAi offers one-click sourcing through its Chrome extension, Kula Everywhere, which allows users to easily gather ideal candidates from platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub. The tool also enables users to automate LinkedIn connection requests and InMails, delivering messages directly to prospects’ primary inboxes for maximum visibility.

KulaAi also helps users automate employee referrals by centralizing employee networks and allowing for one-click warm referral introductions. The tool provides detailed team insights, tracking candidate outreach stages, funnel drop-offs, team performance, KPIs, and employee referral program ROI.

Moreover, KulaAi seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Greenhouse, Lever, and Gmail, providing users with a unified location to access all their data. The tool prioritizes data security and holds the SOC 2 attestation, ensuring that user data is secure.

Overall, KulaAi is a comprehensive business tool that automates recruitment processes, streamlines candidate engagement, and enhances team performance, making it an essential tool for recruiters and hiring managers looking to build their dream teams efficiently.

KulaAi – Features

Source, engage, and hire effortlessly with 4X response rates, 6X faster hires, and 8X referrals
AI-enabled personalized messaging to target candidates effectively
Multi-channel engagement with automated message sequences across various channels
One-click sourcing with Chrome extension to maximize efficiency and deliver messages to primary inboxes
Automate employee referrals and hire from internal talent pool easily
Track team performance with detailed insights on candidate outreach stages
Seamless integration with prospecting tools, ATS, and other essential hiring platforms
Secure data management with SOC 2 attestation and GDPR compliance for customer trust and data privacy

KulaAi – Pricing

Customer-focused pricing plans for KulaAi are personalized based on the size of your team, number of open roles, and the type of ATS you use. The pricing scales with your company’s growth and can be requested by providing a few details.

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