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PerceivableAi: Personal trainer for effective communication


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PerceivableAi is a revolutionary business tool that acts as your personal trainer for communication. By providing access to personalized AI coaching and human mentoring, this tool helps individuals achieve their meeting and communication goals. Users can join the waitlist for early access to this innovative platform.

With PerceivableAi, users can level up during their usual meetings by receiving personalized insights and research-backed recommendations on how to improve meeting outcomes. By comparing themselves with others and connecting with coworkers and people in their network, users can unlock new opportunities and boost collaboration and career prospects. Public profiles showcase achievements, traits, and work styles, providing businesses with insight on how to place, promote, and hire based on a user’s unique signature.

Testimonials from current users attest to the effectiveness of PerceivableAi in streamlining meetings and maximizing productivity. Kelly Tang, a Strategy and Operations Manager at Lyka, praises how the tool has helped her get the most out of her day. Winnie Mach, a Senior Software Engineer at Mable, acknowledges the enormous potential impact on team productivity and cohesion, highlighting the alignment of PerceivableAi with current market needs.

By joining the waitlist for early access to PerceivableAi, individuals can upskill and enhance their meeting experiences. This tool is set to transform the way businesses and individuals communicate, collaborate, and achieve their goals.

PerceivableAi – Features

Personalized AI coaching for communication
Access to human mentoring
Receive insights and recommendations to improve meeting outcomes
Benchmark how you compare with others in your network
Boost collaboration and career prospects
Public profiles to showcase achievements and work style
Gain insight for businesses on placement, promotion, and hiring
Streamline meetings and increase productivity and cohesion for teams

PerceivableAi – Pricing

PerceivableAi offers a waitlist option for users to join and be notified when pricing plans become available.

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