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Listen2AI: Personalize news in short audio clips


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Listen2AI is an innovative AI-powered app designed to deliver personalized news to busy individuals in short audio clips, allowing users to stay informed without having to dedicate a lot of time. This hands-free news platform eliminates ads and provides unbiased news from over 80,000 trusted sources worldwide. With the option to choose from 7 different categories of news, users can select their preferred topics and listen while multitasking. Not only can users customize their news experience based on their political ideology and language preference, but they can also revisit past stories that caught their attention. Featured on various AI news outlets, Listen2AI offers a convenient and effective way for business managers to stay updated on relevant news tailored just for them.

Listen2AI – Features

AI-powered app for personalized news in short audio clips
Hands-free news listening for busy individuals
No ads for uninterrupted news consumption
Customized news categories to choose from
Top-quality news from over 80,000 trusted sources worldwide
Political slider for news presentation based on your ideology
Multi-lingual news listening option
Listening history for revisiting and downloading news stories

Listen2AI – Pricing

The pricing plan for Listen2AI includes a free option.

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