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ownAI: Create your own AI assistant without coding


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ownAI is a groundbreaking business tool that allows you to create your own personal AI assistant or a team AI assistant within your company domain, without the need for any programming skills. With a focus on privacy, ownAI offers a range of AI assistant options, from a personal assistant to a marketing creative, and even a patient supporter for handling customer inquiries.

One of the key features of ownAI is the ability to store and query extensive knowledge, making it a valuable resource for businesses looking to streamline information retrieval and decision-making processes. Additionally, ownAI offers the option to create a custom AI service and sell it under your own domain name, giving you full control over your AI solutions.

What sets ownAI apart is its commitment to open source and indie AI development, using the best open source AI models in the world to ensure independence from larger AI companies. This not only guarantees privacy and security but also allows users to download and run their AIs on their own systems.

Whether you’re looking for a personal AI assistant to help with daily tasks or a sophisticated AI solution for your business, ownAI has you covered. With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, ownAI is revolutionizing the way businesses integrate AI technology into their operations.

ownAI – Features

Create personal AI assistant
Privacy-focused AI under your own domain
Marketing creative AI assistant
Patient support AI for customer inquiries
Extensive knowledge storage and retrieval
Create AI service to sell under own domain
Open Source & Indie AI powered by top models
No programming skills required for setting up AI assistants

ownAI – Pricing

OwnAI offers a free plan with up to 3 custom AIs and a PRO plan for $19/month that includes unlimited custom AIs, knowledge per AI, subdomains, and team AIs.

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