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NameDropAI: Turn social media conversations into leads


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NameDropAi is a powerful AI-driven business tool that allows you to turn social media conversations into leads. By leveraging artificial intelligence, NameDropAi sifts through social media chatter to pinpoint the most relevant conversations for your business, enabling you to name drop your brand in the right place and generate leads efficiently.

With NameDropAi, you can get relevant leads on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and more, helping you grow organically by engaging with conversations that matter the most to your business. The tool saves you time and money by providing a ranked feed of relevant conversations, allowing you to focus on engaging with the right audience in an authentic way.

The process is simple: create a project, automatically suggest keywords, find the best conversations, name drop your brand, and enjoy the results without spending hours on social media or huge marketing budgets. The tool supports various platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, and more, with plans to add support for others.

NameDropAi works for businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, and supports multiple languages, making it accessible and beneficial for companies worldwide. By setting up notifications and goals for your projects, you can stay ahead of the game and find new audiences to sell your products or services to.

From cybersecurity and e-commerce to B2C marketing and dev tools, NameDropAi offers a range of use cases to help businesses across industries increase brand awareness, engage with the right audience, and drive sales. Discover how NameDropAi can transform your social media marketing efforts and lead generation strategies to achieve optimal results for your business.

NameDropAi – Features

Harnesses the power of AI to pinpoint relevant social media conversations
Generates leads by name dropping brand in relevant conversations
Saves time and money with a ranked feed of relevant conversations
Interacts with audience in a more authentic way
Automatically suggests keywords for projects
Supports various social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora
Provides free trial for businesses of all sizes
Offers goal-based project creation for lead generation, content inspiration, and simple tracking.

NameDropAi – Pricing

NameDropAi offers a Free Plan with limited features, a Starter Plan at $79 per month, a Business Plan at $239 per month, and an Enterprise Plan with custom pricing. All plans include unlimited seats, smart ranked feed, 24/7 support, and a 30-day refund policy.

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