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Supernormal: Meeting notes with AI


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Supernormal is a powerful business tool designed to simplify the note-taking process during meetings, allowing users to focus more on valuable work. This innovative tool automatically takes notes during meetings and formats them for various use cases using secure AI technology. By seamlessly integrating with existing tools, Supernormal centralizes meeting notes, making them easily accessible and searchable. Users can keep track of action items, create custom templates, and share notes effortlessly at the end of meetings.

Supernormal is flexible and can be utilized by individuals, managers, and executives to enhance team productivity and collaboration. Trusted by over 250,000 teams, including recognizable brands like Google, Pinterest, and Spotify, Supernormal has received rave reviews for its ability to streamline meetings and improve communication within teams. The tool is compatible with popular platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, ensuring a seamless integration into existing workflows.

In terms of security, Supernormal is SOC 2 certified and employs robust encryption methods to protect data both in-transit and at-rest. With automatic and secure backups, users can confidently store and share content without compromising sensitive information. Whether it’s for sales, project management, marketing, recruiting, or other specific use cases, Supernormal offers a secure and efficient solution for enhancing meeting productivity and collaboration.

Supernormal – Features

AI-powered meeting notes generation
Integration with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams
Centralized access to meeting notes
Tracking action items from meetings
Customizable note templates
Seamless sharing of meeting notes
Flexible usage for individuals, managers, and executives
Enterprise-grade security practices with SOC 2 certification

Supernormal – Pricing

The pricing plans for Supernormal include a free Starter plan with basic features, a Pro plan for $10 per member per month billed annually, a Business plan for $19 per member per month billed annually, and an Enterprise plan for larger teams with advanced features.

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