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Meetz: Your Ai assistant for lead generation success


Meetz is a revolutionary AI Sales Lead Generator tool that provides fully personalized and automated outreach, with an AI scheduler to book meetings for you. This platform offers easy, fast, and powerful lead generation capabilities to streamline your sales process. With Meetz, you can unlock a full sales pipeline in just a few clicks and enjoy a 14-Day Free Trial to jumpstart your traction.

The platform boasts features such as Real Time Verified Data, Intent Based Signals, 1st & 3rd Party Data, and Event Triggered Insights to ensure you have all the necessary information for complete personalization. Meetz is also GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA compliant, providing peace of mind when it comes to data privacy.

The AI Personalized Outreach feature allows for hyper-personalized messaging recommended by the AI and approved by you. Automated Follow Ups and AI Email Scheduler further streamline the lead generation process, ensuring that you connect with interested leads effectively.

Meetz also offers an AI Email Assistant named Laura, who can assist with easy scheduling of one-on-one meetings, coordinating multiple guests’ availability, and automated follow-ups. The platform leverages AI technology to provide an innovative solution for scheduling and appointment setting, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Through Meetz, you can leverage 165 Million Prospects Data and Power AI Outreach to enhance your lead generation efforts. The platform’s AI Human-Like Scheduling with Laura simplifies the scheduling process by coordinating meetings in natural language via email threads.

Overall, Meetz provides a cutting-edge AI assistant to reduce your workload and optimize your sales process. The platform’s advanced NLP techniques and intuitive dashboard make it a powerful tool for business managers looking to streamline their lead generation and scheduling efforts.

Meetz – Features

Fully personalized and automated outreach
AI scheduler to book meetings for you
Automated set up in minutes according to your value proposition
Real-time verified data with 50 data points
Hyper personalized messaging according to AI recommendations
A/B tested follow-ups for interested leads
AI email scheduler to book qualified prospects
AI email assistant for easy scheduling and coordination with guests

Meetz – Pricing

Meetz offers all-in-one lead generation packages starting at $49/month with features such as prospect data, AI email campaigns, warm-up emails, power dialer, and more. Enterprise solutions for team plans are also available with customized functionality and white-glove advice. Contact for pricing.

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