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MrScraper: The ultimate tool for easy web scraping


MrScraper is a powerful business tool that simplifies the process of web scraping, allowing business managers to extract data from websites easily and efficiently. With a user-friendly visual builder, real browsers, proxy rotation, built-in scheduling, data parsing, integrations, API access, and more, MrScraper streamlines the often tedious and time-consuming task of creating and managing web scrapers.

Traditional web scraping involves coding data extraction logic, building scheduling systems, automating real web browsers, setting up proxies, parsing and cleaning data, and organizing and sharing information. This can be a complex and frustrating process that requires a significant amount of time and effort. With MrScraper, however, business managers can bypass these challenges and start scraping data immediately.

One of the key features of MrScraper is its no-code builder, which eliminates the need for coding skills and allows users to specify what information they want to retrieve and how it should be stored through a simple form. Additionally, MrScraper uses real browser instances to perform fast and human-like web scrapings, reducing the risk of getting blocked by websites. The tool also manages high-quality proxies and rotates them for every request, ensuring a smooth scraping process.

Moreover, MrScraper offers a flexible scheduler that allows users to set up scrapings on a customized schedule, even when they are not actively using their computers. Integrated data parsing capabilities help users format scraped data as needed, while an API allows for seamless integration with other applications and scheduling systems.

In comparison to traditional web scraping methods, using MrScraper saves valuable time and effort. While building a scraper from scratch can take many hours and require various complex steps, such as coding logic, scheduling, proxy management, data parsing, and integration building, scraping with MrScraper takes only a few minutes. Users simply paste a URL, select web elements to scrape, and utilize the visual builder to schedule scraping tasks, manage proxies, clean and parse data, and store results.

Overall, MrScraper is a valuable tool for business managers who need to extract data from websites efficiently and accurately without the complexities of traditional web scraping methods. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and time-saving capabilities, MrScraper empowers users to focus on utilizing extracted information for their business needs.

MrScraper – Features

Visual web scraper for easy extraction of data
Real browsers used to avoid getting blocked
High quality proxies with automatic rotation
Flexible scheduler for automated scrapings
Integrated data parser for formatting data
API access for integration with own systems
No-coding needed with simple form filling
Unlimited storage and multiple integrations for data management

MrScraper – Pricing

MrScraper offers three pricing plans: Pro for $29 per month or $290 per year, Ultimate for $59 per month or $590 per year, and Business for $149 per month or $1,490 per year. Each plan includes features like unlimited scrapers, proxy rotation, and data parsers.

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