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ParagraphAI: Your Ai writing assistant across all platforms


ParagraphAI is a free AI writing assistant software that aims to revolutionize the way you communicate in your professional and personal life. Accessible through both Chrome Browser and mobile app, this tool allows you to instantly correct grammar mistakes, draft email replies with precision, and create text effortlessly. With real-time editing filters, you can customize the formality, friendliness, and length of your text to reflect your unique writing style. Additionally, ParagraphAI offers translation in over 40 languages, making it a versatile tool for users around the world.

Whether English is your second language or if you struggle with dyslexia, ParagraphAI serves as the perfect sidekick for perfecting your written communication. Protecting your privacy is a top priority, as the tool does not sell, use, or share your data for advertising purposes. With a zero data retention policy, ParagraphAI ensures that your inputs are not used for training purposes.

Available on iOS, Android, and Google Chrome, ParagraphAI can be accessed across multiple devices, allowing you to write flawlessly wherever you go. The mobile app and keyboard feature popular functions such as Edit, Reply, and Create, while the Chrome Extension seamlessly integrates the app’s features into your favorite websites. With one account, you have access to all features cross-platform, making ParagraphAI a convenient and efficient tool for business professionals looking to enhance their written communication skills.

ParagraphAI – Features

Fluently express yourself with ParagraphAI’s free AI writing assistant software
Instantly correct grammar mistakes with a single tap
Draft perfectly written replies to emails instantly
Create text effortlessly for any purpose
Real-time editing to customize text formality and style
Translate text in over 40 languages
Protects user privacy and data security
Available on Chrome, iOS, Android with cross-platform access

ParagraphAI – Pricing

ParagraphAI offers a free plan with limited features or a Pro plan for $12.49 per month (billed yearly at $149.99) with unlimited access to advanced features like advanced editing, advanced character input, and more in over 40 languages.

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