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RosebudAI: Craft, play, create & share games


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RosebudAI Game Maker is a powerful platform that allows users to transform text descriptions into fully functional games. With the help of an AI assistant named Rosie, users can easily create, customize, and share their games on this innovative game development platform. The platform offers a variety of features, including the ability to engage in conversations with AI characters, create AI-powered games, and explore games built by other users.

One of the unique features of RosebudAI is the option to craft games in 2D or Voxel style, as well as the ability to create assets and code with the assistance of AI. Users can also animate characters with ease, customize NPCs with AI, and create interactive visual novel experiences. Additionally, the platform offers dynamic RPG design features like adaptive difficulty, dynamic world-building, and character progression.

RosebudAI is not only suitable for creating games but also for educational purposes. Users can leverage the platform to teach students how to craft captivating games through creative conversations and interactive stories. The platform provides explanations of the code generated, making it easier for users to understand and modify it.

Overall, RosebudAI Game Maker is a versatile tool that enables users to bring their game ideas to life with the help of AI technology. Whether you are a game developer looking to streamline the game development process or an educator seeking to enhance learning through interactive experiences, RosebudAI offers a unique and innovative solution to meet your needs.

RosebudAI – Features

Create games from text descriptions to code
Play and make games on iOS
Talk to AI characters and engage in interactive stories
AI for education to help students craft games
Build immersive worlds with AI-generated assets
Customize characters with AI-generated appearances and traits
Empower NPCs with AI for intelligent reactions
Create dynamic RPG designs with adaptive difficulty and world-building

RosebudAI – Pricing

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