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Wappler: Unleash your creativity with low-code website building


Wappler is a versatile low-code software tool that empowers users to create responsive websites, mobile apps, and desktop applications without being tied down to a specific vendor or hosting platform. With a focus on unleashing creativity, Wappler offers a range of design tools to help users build visually appealing page layouts, customize elements, and fine-tune properties such as spacing, typography, and backgrounds.

One of the standout features of Wappler is its visual server-side logic builder, which enables users to create complex workflows without the need for coding. By utilizing server-side components, users can connect to databases, send emails, manage files, process images, create login systems, and more – all through a visual interface. Additionally, Wappler allows seamless integration with API services, giving users the ability to process data, create real-time charts, and display information on their projects.

For e-commerce enthusiasts, Wappler offers the flexibility to create unique online stores from scratch, customizing the checkout and shopping cart experience to match their brand and products. The tool also provides version control and backup features, allowing users to track changes, revert project files, and make revisions as needed.

Wappler emphasizes hosting freedom, empowering users to have full control over their source code and choose any hosting provider or cloud platform for their websites or apps. With its powerful design tools, visual workflow editor, database query builder, data manipulation capabilities, and API connector, Wappler is a comprehensive solution for building dynamic and functional digital projects.

In addition to supporting e-commerce solutions and Stripe integration, Wappler offers collaboration features for team projects, native Git integration for version control, and seamless publishing options to standard hosting or cloud platforms. With Wappler, users have the freedom to own their code, make revisions, and publish their projects with ease.

Wappler – Features

Visual Layout Builder
Design Blocks
Visual Bootstrap 4 & 5 Designer
Visual Framework 7 Designer
Grid Controls
Design Panel
Gradients Generator
Assets Manager

Wappler – Pricing

Wappler offers a 14-day trial for new subscriptions. Pricing starts at $29 per month for students and non-profit organizations, $49 per month for individuals, $79 per month for small businesses, and $109 per month for medium to big businesses. Pay yearly for 2 months free.

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